Every once in a while you can “˜squeeze’ this play into your arsenal of tricks of [tag]baseball skill drills[/tag].   It always works best when your players know how to execute it properly.  

Baseball Skill Drills  What you need (set up):   Full infield including pitcher and catcher, batter and runner on third.

How this drill works:   The runner on third has to get a good jump on the pitcher as the batter squares around to bunt the ball.   The bunter tries to put the ball into play at least 10 to 12 feet from the catcher.   By the time anyone reacts, the player at third base should be well on his or her way home.

The bunt is probably the most important thing in this [tag]baseball[/tag] drill, because in order for the runner not to easily get tagged out at home, the batter must make contact with the ball and get it into play.   Also the runner should focus on getting a good jump off the pitcher.

Result:   Ultimately, you will add another run to the scoresheet – maybe the one that wins the game.   But, once the players understand the [tag]squeeze play[/tag], they are better able to execute it.  

The squeeze is a valuable play to put into a game, especially when a team expects you to try to score the run on a sacrifice fly ball.