This is a fun, challenging and competitive activity and a great way to finish practice on a fun note. This exercise is excellent for baseball skills and drills and it works great indoors as well as outside.

Last Man Standing
The set up:
Divide the team into two equally skilled teams. Both teams assemble at the same end of the gym. At the opposite end of the gym is the coach, an assistant and a sock net.

How it works:
The coach will hit ground balls to alternating players from each team.
If the player fields the ball cleanly they simply throw the ball back to the assistant and return to the end of their line.
If the player miss handles the ball and it gets through, he is out. The eliminated player is sent to the side to do any number of things. Push-ups, sit-ups, run, squats, for a time period set by the coach. Perhaps until another team member is eliminated.

If a player mishandles the ball, but manages to keep the ball in front of them, that player has a chance to redeem themselves by making a good throw into the sock net. If they succeed by throwing the ball into the net they remain in the game and return to the line. However, if they miss the net, they are eliminated and suffer the same fate listed in #2.

The winning team is the team with the last man standing.

Additional ideas:
The losing team does sprints, laps, picks up equipment.
The winning team does only half as many sprints, laps, something to make winning worth the effort.
Eliminated players from one team can re-enter the game if an opposing player makes an error and is eliminated. (makes for a longer game)
Can also be used in the outfield for grounders and fly balls with the sock net as the cut off.

This is a fun and competitive game that can be modified and played at any skill level.