Today, it’s all about the hops – and baseball fielding drills you can add to your practice plan to best prepare your young players for hop situations.

First, what is a “hop”?

A short hop is a ball that bounces immediately in front of an infielder. If the batter is a fast runner, an infielder may intentionally “short hop the ball” (take the ball on the short hop) to hasten his throw to first base. Balls may be short-hopped to turn a double play… but be aware that it may backfire sometimes!


Baseball Fielding: Reading the Hops

The ability of a fielder to read the hops will greatly improve their fielding percentage.   Teaching the basic fundamentals of baseball fielding &   ground balls, the foot movement and distances of spread, bending of the knees, and glove positioning out in front and low to the ground, demand time, patience and practice.

Baseball Fielding: One Hop Throwing Drills

In this video, we talk about One Hop Throwing Drills, the proper grip for the outfielder, and techniques to achieve a perfect spin on the ball.

Baseball Fielding: The Short Hop Fielding Drill

Every program should include at least one short hop fielding drill in every practice.   It’s a simple and effective drill that focuses on improving your hands and your hand eye coordination.


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