This is a game of [tag]baseball skills and drills[/tag] that our   team plays at the end of [tag]baseball practice[/tag]. It allows us to apply the fielding and hitting skills that we worked on during the earlier part of practice in a more practical game type situation.

With twelve players here is how it works:
1.   Nine players are in the field taking their normal positions
2.   3 batters are in the dugout ready to hit.
3.   The batter comes to the plate and hit’s off of the [tag]baseball coach[/tag] who is pitching.
4.   The batter puts the [tag]baseball[/tag] in play and if he reaches base safely then he stays at that base and the next hitter swings away.
5.   If the batter gets out then he runs to the dugout to get his mitt and goes to the field right field.
6. The fielders then rotate in this manner RF goes to CF, CF goes to LF, LF goes to 3B, 3B goes to SS, SS goes to 2B,   2B goes to 1B, 1B goes to the pitchers mound and the pitcher goes behind the plate to catch, the catcher becomes the third batter.
7.   If there is a player on base and he is out on a fielder’s choice hit by another player then the player who hit the ball is out.
8.   The hitters continue to hit until someone gets them out so there is incentive to focus on both batting and fielding.