Players at this age often understand how to get players out at first base and they may have also learned the basics of a force out play.   But, they must also learn about tagging players out at bases.   Before this [tag]drill[/tag], you need to teach players the difference between a force out and a [tag]tag out[/tag].  

What you need (set up):   You will need plBasketball Skills and Drillsayers to fill the infield.   Put a runner on second base to start.  

How the drill works:   You will hit grounders to the infield with the runner on second base.   The players must understand that the player can stay at second or run.   If the player runs, then they can go to third and make a tag out.   If the runner doesn’t go, then the infielder can look the runner off and then throw to first.

There are several different variations of this drill that your team can use.   You can hit shallow fly balls into the outfield and then try and tag out the tagged up runner.   You can hit line drives through the infield and if the players catch it, they have to throw to the base with the runner to try to get them out.

Results:   The results of this drill is that your players will have a better understanding of when they should be tagging out a runner, and when it might be a force play.   This is an important element of the game.   The younger you can teach it to a player, the better off they will be in [tag]baseball[/tag].