Here is a [tag]baseball drill[/tag] to use with high school and college players. The key for these [tag]baseball speed drills[/tag] is to have quick hands YOURSELF.Baseball Speed Drills

It’s called MACHINE GUN. You need a batting tee, a bucket of at least 30 balls, a screen to hit into and wrist weights for the hitter. (use the weights that are cloth like sweat bands but weighted.)

This is done in groups of 3 sets of ten.   The [tag]baseball coach[/tag] sits on the open side of the batter on a stool or bucket. The batter stands shoulder width apart.   NO STRIDE!!!   The batter hits the [tag]baseball[/tag] as fast as the coach can put the balls on the tee.

The key is to bring the bat back through the space between the hitter and the tee to the load postiton (not back across the top of the tee itself).   Start out with 10 balls 2 minute break then ten balls then a 1 minute break.

This baseball drill helps improve bat speed and eye focus because of the velocity of the drill.   The idea is instead of using the batting weight which makes the bat seem lighter.   You use the wrists weights which make your hands, wrists and arms quicker through the zone and improves your bat speed making the bat absolutely lighter.   You can build up to use more balls (15) (20) at a time and more rest or less rest in between as you get stronger with the drill. You can also add more weight on the wrists to get an even stronger upper body workout.