This idea for a [tag]baseball drill[/tag] was sent to me recently. Trying to get a jump on baseball spring training, I wanted to pass it along for you to try with your players.
Baseball Spring Training
This [tag]baseball drill[/tag] is for your batters and fielders.   It provides an excellent scrimmage opportunity for [tag]baseball practice[/tag].

Put all your fielders in their strongest positions and allow the remaining players to throw the [tag]baseball[/tag] up to themselves, and hit. This drill allows the batters to survey the field and attempt to control the direction of the hits, instead of simply trying to hit the ball. It also allows the batters to practice running the bases, while allowing the starting fielders to have live practice as well.

Once a batter has hit a few times, then put him in the field in his normal position and allow the starters to have a few turns.

This is a cool way to have them scrimmage live and they have a lot of fun.