We have limited space and time for [tag]baseball practice[/tag].   I came up with these [tag]baseball throwing drills[/tag] that can be used for inside practice or outside.   Your team’s throwing skills will improve quickly with these.

Conditioning, throwing accuracy–
To work on throwing and catching skills we break into teams of 4 with pairs facing each other 60 ft apart.

X   – ball
Y – catch
A – fielder
B – runner

X rolls ball to A, at same time B attempts to beat the [tag]baseball[/tag] back to Y.

Be sure B runs to foul ball side of Y. Players rotate from X (jog to next spot) to a to B to Y. We run each player 5 to 10 times through the lines.

If ball is misfielded, errant throw etc., begin back at zero. If we can be outside we move back to fly ball depth and work on tag ups and deeper throws.