Here are a couple of [tag]baseball throwing drills[/tag] that I really like to do. When coaching J.V. high school [tag]baseball[/tag],I find that some of the kids have never played before, so their throwing and catching skills need big help.

  • I get a line of players at second, and a line of players at short.
  • I get a catcher for both lines.
  • I hit each line a grounder, and they have to field the baseball perfectly and throw the ball back to the catcher perfectly for them to receive a point.
  • I go through each line about three times, and the line with the least points has to run or put away the equipment.
  • This really makes the players focus on making good throws and good fielding.

Sometimes it is hard to get them interested in [tag]baseball drills[/tag] and practice. I find that if I make it fun they will pay attention more. When practicing pop ups I tell them that if they catch 3 in a row, I will run a lap around them. If they miss 3 in a row they run a lap around the field.

It is so fun to watch them try so hard to make their [tag]baseball coach[/tag] to have to run.