We start every [tag]baseball practice[/tag] with the “[tag]shortstop drill[/tag]”. These [tag]baseball throwing drills[/tag] get all players involved and are a good warm up for our team.
Baseball Throwing Drills
Kids line up in the shortstop position.   Also, a player stands on each base including home.
Ground ball goes to short, player throws to first base and runs to follow his throw.
Player at first fires to second and follows his throw.
Player at second catches, fires to third and follows his throw.
As this player is running to third, coach hits next ground ball to short.
Player at third catches, fires to home, and follows his throw.
Player at home catches, gives the [tag]baseball[/tag] to the coach, and goes to back of shortstop line.

Back ups are helpful but players learn the importance of good throws with this [tag]baseball drill[/tag].