One of the [tag]baseball throwing drills[/tag] we use at the beginning of practice is called the Diamond Drill.   It works like this.

Everyone lines up a 3b with two players at 1B. Each player will take a grounder and make a throw to 1B.   After throwing the [tag]baseball[/tag] to 1B they go and cover 1B.   After everyone goes through the line at 3B, the drill is repeated for SS, and 2B making throws to first.

On balls hit to 2B the player playing 1B must yell out “flip” or throw” depending on how close the 2B is to 1B when he catches the ball.   After we complete the infield, the line goes to RF and 2 players go to 2B.   The right fielder takes a pop fly or grounder; crow hops and makes a throw to 2B.   This is repeated with CF throwing to 3B and LF throwing to home.

We go through this [tag]baseball drill[/tag] twice at the beginning of each [tag]baseball practice[/tag].   It is meant to be fast paced and provides conditioning as well.