These [tag]baseball throwing drills[/tag] are favorites with youth teams especially but don’t be fooled. All players can benefit, no matter what the age.
Baseball Throwing Drills
You start with the players lined up along one of the baselines in the outfield with a ball and glove.

The [tag]baseball coach[/tag] stands near center field with a glove. The player throws the [tag]baseball[/tag] to the coach. Then the coach rolls the ball to the player while the player charges toward the coach. The player scoops the ball on the run and throws it back to the coach and keeps running towards the foul pole in the opposite field. The coach then throws the player either a line drive over his head or a pop fly.

This [tag]baseball drill[/tag] teaches the player to make a long accurate throw, charge and scoop a ground ball, and how to run down a ball hit over their head.