This combines several of the concepts we have learned in some of the other earlier drills.   Fielding the ball and making a throw while there is a runner running to different bases is a skill that needs to be repeated over and over in order for the skill to improve and become second nature

What you need (set up): Field an entire infield to start this [tag]drill[/tag], along with a line of runners at home plate for when the [tag]coach[/tag] hits the ball to the players.   Baseball Throwing Drills

How this drill works:   This is your standard [tag]baseball  throwing drill[/tag] – except this one has a runner headed to first base.   Now the pressure is on.   The runners try to outrun the throw.   The coach will go through each position and hit a grounder to them to field to first base.  

Award one point for the fielders if they can complete the out, or award a point for the runners that outrun the ball or make it to first base.   Make it a competition between runners and fielders.   What should be stressed is collecting the grounders, making solid and accurate throws, and then the ball needs to be caught.

Results:   By adding the runners and testing the composure of the players, they will quickly learn to make the right play, and make it well.   One of the most common reasons for losses in Little League baseball are errors.   While errors are a part of [tag]baseball[/tag] limiting them is one of the keys to victory.   Repetition of basic plays will help eliminate the errors made by your ball team.