My main objectives with my 5-6 year old teams were to instill love of the game and have fun. Here are three [tag]baseball throwing drills[/tag] we did that sustained their interest.

The only outcomes I wanted were for them to use both hands to catch, watch the [tag]baseball[/tag] hit the bat, and to rotate their bodies when they throw.

Throw the ball into the container
Put a large bin, around four feet wide, on first base. Have the players line up behind second base. Each player then throws the ball towards the bin and tries to bounce it in. If they can throw that far without a bounce, back them up until they can’t. Goal is to teach accuracy even on bounce throws. Make a little contest out of it to add entertainment value.

Elbow drill
Have players line up facing one another. Everyone on line A takes the ball in their throwing hands and point the elbow of their throwing arms at the target. Have them swivel their throwing arm back 180 degrees. This will automatically cock their arms and force them to rotate when they throw. Throw. Everyone in line B repeat.

Hit the Coach
I happened to have one of those large dartboard-like velcro targets you can throw tennis balls at, roughly the same size as an umpire’s inflatable pad. Line up the kids and have them throw tennis balls at the [tag]baseball coach[/tag]. Three tries per kid, keep track of the number of hits. It helps with their accuracy and the kids think it is hilarious.