Try these [tag]baseball tips and drills[/tag] at practice to work on baserunning skills with your players. With runners on two different bases, you might want to execute a [tag]double steal[/tag] to advance both runners, instead of just one.Baseball Tips and Drills

What you need:   A full infield, batter, a runner on first, and a runner on second or third.

How this drill works:   The pitcher will go through his or her normal delivery and the batter will just swing at the ball and not hit it.   The runner will attempt to steal two bases.  

From first and third, the runner will advance to second in hopes the throw goes and the third base runner can advance home.   From first and second,   the hope is that both runners can advance.   The offense competes against the defense in this one – if the defense gets the lead runner, it’s two points, the second runner, one point.   If the offense executes the double steal, they get two points.  

The [tag]baseball[/tag] [tag]coach[/tag] can alter the timing of the double steal, having both players leave at the same time, or staggering them.

Result:   Having your players both advance is a huge offensive advantage, especially if it scores a run or takes the force off.   If your players can effectively execute a double steal, you will see runs totals increase.