Try these [tag]baseball tips and drills[/tag] to liven up your [tag]baseball practice[/tag].   This is an excellent fielding drill and you will see quick improvements with your players.   Try the tip to enhance footwork and agility.

Basically I will place 3 balls in a line 5-7 feet apart pointing to the base or plate.   I will line the outfielders close to the fence lined up with the balls.

After I say “go” the outfielders will sprint to the first ball and throw it home (if that is the chosen target).   After throwing it, charge the 2nd ball follow through and throw to the plate. Charge the 3rd and throw.   This will train them on base hits or slow rollers to the outfield to charge the ball and get it out of the outfield ASAP with runners on.

Another tip to use–doing defensive [tag]baseball drills[/tag] off a brick wall.
Each player can work on individual footwork and techniques.   Instead of getting 10-15 balls on the field, each player can develop his footwork and hands.   The player throws the [tag]baseball[/tag] against the wall and throws the ball back.