I’m often asked about the many [tag]baseball training aids[/tag] that are available.   Here’s a [tag]baseball hitting drill[/tag] that one of my subscribers sent in using the Zip-n-Hit aid. Give it a try; it will pay huge dividends with your team.Baseball Traning Aids

This is a hitting drill we use as a cool down for every [tag]baseball practice[/tag].

I purchased a ZIP -N- HIT hitting aid.   It’s a [tag]baseball[/tag] with a piece of rope thru the middle, and handles on one end.   It’s great for practicing catching the baseball with your back hip and front hand from your batting stance.

It also makes the batter swing correctly or their bat will hit the rope.   You can simulate all types of pitches, in any location.   The kids can actually get a visual on the imperfections of their swing.   If they (right handed batter) are swinging early the rope will be severally jerked to the left, if they swing late the rope is jerked to right, if they under cut the rope is jerked up and their bat will hit the rope. A perfect swing creates a line drive right back down the rope, and best of all no balls to chase.