Try these baseball training drills and tips with your players.   They are quick, effective and your players will ask for them!   Give them a try.

Cone Gate Drill
Something that has worked very well with our intermediate outfielders is using cones as a gate and another cone out about 15 yards. The second drill helps with running bases. It is a great way to work with your players on a running the bases.

  • The player starts at the gate and hands a ball to the coach.
  • The player at first does not use his glove and runs to the cone 15 yards away and turns his body to receive a tossed ball from the coach.
  • We work without a glove so the player has to use two hands to catch the ball.
  • Also, for them to see that the ball does not hurt when catching it from that distance.

We alternate sides so they catch from both sides of their bodies. Ideally we want them to end up in a drop step and get their bodies behind the ball and catch the ball at their chest level.

Eventually we incorporate the players’ gloves.

Running the Bases Drill
First, put all your players on the first base line beyond the bag towards the outfield.
Then put a pitcher in the circle (any pitcher).
Then have the pitcher go through a full pitching motion to make your runners rock back at the start.
Next work on starting to run when the pitcher starts down with their arm circle.

By the time they get in motion the pitcher is releasing the ball. This works on timing to work off the release.