Try these baseball training drills to help with some of the more common trouble areas younger baseball players have.   These drills address catching across the body and how to create quick hands and soft hands.

Catching Across the Body:
I toss a whiffle ball, about shoulder high, to my players, and make them reach across their body with their glove hand and touch the ball. They aren’t scared of the whiffle ball hitting them, and they get used to reaching across and using the back hand to catch the ball.   Then I go up to a tennis ball, and then to the baseball.

It really works miracles for their confidence, and gets them catching the ball correctly in a matter of minutes!

Infielder Drill:
We have our infielders get in a line one behind the other facing a wall, preferably inside.   The first player throws a tennis ball against the wall and moves out of the way and to the end of the line and the next player fields the ball and throws it against the wall and moves, so on and so on.   This is done at a pretty quick rate to teach the players to field ground balls and line drives with quick reflexes.   Probably not new, but it helps create quick hands and soft hands.