One of my subscribers actually suggested this idea for [tag]baseball training drills[/tag].   I’ve included it for you below to try with your teams.Baseball Training Drills

From Bruce…
We have a [tag]baseball drill[/tag] that we like to use frequently.   We call it “Crush & Rush“.   It’s a lot like a star drill only with ground balls mixed in.   This is how it goes:

Divide your team evenly at each base and home plate.   Start at any base (say home), the first player throws a hard grounder to the player at third and follows the throw (sprint hard) to back of the line. The player at third gathers the ball properly as if a hit grounder and then pivots and throws as if making the out at second and follows his throw.   The player at second receives the throw and throws a grounder to first (again follows the throw), first gathers, pivots and throws to home.

Continue this rotation as many times as possible without errors.   Note, the additional players at each bag simply replaces the player ahead of him making a throw giving the sprinter a little break.   After several revolutions try reversing the direction, this will generate a lot of errors initially but they will soon recover.   If you’re an evil [tag]baseball coach[/tag], you can send the team on a quick jog to the outfield fence and back whenever an error occurs.   A couple of jogs to the fence brings some quick focus to the practice.

I find it to be a great [tag]baseball[/tag] drill for accuracy and good throwing and ground ball mechanics.   The pace is brisk and the kids really start talking it up and calling for the ball once a few rotations get going.

Plan on a good reward for a job well done.   They will have earned it.