These are some of the baseball training drills I use to work on conditioning and endurance as well as skills.   My players love these.   They are fast paced and easy to work into a practice schedule.

Figure 8 Drill
We do a “figure 8 infield/outfield drill”.   Half the team is at home, the other is in center.   2 coaches with bats and 2 buckets of balls at the pitcher’s mound.   Each coach hits a fly to center, catch with good outfield technique and throw back into the coach.

The other coach hits side to side grounder, catch with good infield technique and throw back to the coach.   The player then follows the throw at a good run to the other line.   Repeat till they are all winded.

Sprint Drill
This has worked to keep my players moving and throwing.
Everyone line up at 3rd. First player fields a ball and throws to first,
Sprints to SS fields and throws,
Sprints to 2nd fields and throws,
Sprints to 1st fields and tags bag.

As the first player is sprinting between bags I start with the next player fielding at 3rd. Very fast paced and my players love this drill!

I call this drill TAG and it is to work on passed balls with a runner on 3rd base.
I have a catcher and pitcher and place a baseball somewhere against the back stop.

I yell “go” and the catcher has to find the ball and toss it to the pitcher who has to cover the plate.

We use live runners or we will find out how long it typically takes our runner to go third to home.   I then count out those seconds to see if the pitcher gets the tag in front of the plate before that time limit.