One of my subscribers suggested this idea for [tag]baseball training drills[/tag] recently.   I’ve included it for you below.Baseball Training Drills

From Allen”¦
Hitting the cut-off man is real important. This is a [tag]baseball drill[/tag] we use often to reinforce this skill.

I string guys out in teams of four from the first base line to the fence in center and left field. Each team member is about 90 feet apart. Spread the teams out far enough that an errant throw doesn’t kill anybody. They all start on my signal and relay the [tag]baseball[/tag] to the next man all the way to the end and back.

Each player must make accurate throws to the glove side so the relay man can turn that way and not have to turn awkwardly back to the wrong side. They also must give the relay man a target and catch the ball with both hands so the throwing hand is already at the ball.

I good-heartedly rag the slowest teams to finish and most of the time they rise to the challenge with accurate throws, clean catches, and pride that they don’t have to run an extra lap or two for not performing to team standards. Make the players rotate in their line so the same players are not always on the end of the line.

If there’s a bad throw or a missed catch, the ball goes back to the point of the screwup before that team can proceed. It creates competition and teamwork. The kids (middle school) love it, but I wouldn’t overdo it; 10-15 minutes, maybe once or twice a week.