Take a look at this submission from Ray in Palm Springs.   A great suggestion for improvised [tag]baseball training equipment[/tag] to use with [tag]T-ball drills[/tag]. Easy to make, able to adapt as they grow and very effective.Baseball Training Equipment

From Ray”¦
T-Ball Drill —

When [tag]baseball[/tag] coaches practice throwing with T-ballers the kids return the throw to a much taller person then they are.

When they do a bucket throwing [tag]baseball drill[/tag], they are throwing at the ground practically.   So unless they are playing catch with another player they aren’t really simulating game play.

I’ve taken an old 5 gallon bucket filled it with cement and stuck in the cement a 12″ piece of ½” all thread.   Fill the bucket to about 6″ from the top.   Leave 6″ of all thread out of the cement.   Wait till it hardens.   Using an old tire drill a ½” hole in the middle of the tire tread.   Place tire over all thread and secure with a couple washers & nut.

You now have a target about the height of a t-ballers glove.   As your kids grow-up I just set the bucket atop a cement block or two.   Works great for [tag]baseball pitching[/tag] practice also.