Here are [tag]baserunning drills[/tag] that will bring immediate results to your [tag]baseball[/tag] team. This is a running plus throwing [tag]baseball drill[/tag] for accuracy. You need 5 players. 1 player on each base and a 5th to start.Baserunning Drills

I like to start at first but you can start at any base with all players on base. The 5th player, starting in front of first base, throws to the player at home and runs hard and stops at home. The player at home has caught the ball and has thrown to third and is running to third and this continues all the way around.

The object is to catch, turn & throw, run.   You try to get faster the more you do this baseball drill.

You should alternate a new player as soon as the first person started makes it back to first. With 11 players this takes about 5 to 8 minutes with good throws.