This is a favorite [tag]baseball[/tag] [tag]baserunning drill[/tag] that I use often with my team.   It is effective and I have found that the teams want rematches quite often with this one.

Line up half of the [tag]baseball team[/tag] on 2nd base.
The rest of the team on home plate. If uneven numbers one runner has to run twice.

Make sure to get the players who are not running at the moment to stand back; this will help to avoid accidental collisions during the race.

As the teams come around second and home plate they will touch hands as in a relay and off goes the teammate until all runners have completed their turns.

Of course try to keep the teams even as far as team speed.

Start the relay and just watch the competition begin. I like to stand in the middle and make sure the players touch the bases.

I’ve noticed when they want to get faster they start to round the bases properly and they learn their strides. This is helpful in stretching a double into a triple and so on.

This relay is a [tag]baseball drill[/tag] you will want to use frequently; results are immediate!