Allows hitters to practice sacrifice bunts while infielders get reps fielding and throwing


  •  Infielders in regular positions
  • Batting practice hitter at home plate
  • Coach pitching from mound
  • Two coaches with fungo bats at either side of the plate
  • Baserunner at first base

Coaching Tips For Sac Bunts:

  1. Move up in the batter’s box. Get ball in fair territory.
  2. Square around and face pitcher with your body.
  3. Go to the plane of the ball by lowering your body with your knees.
  4. Bat in front of the plate at a 45-degree angle
  5. Bat starts at top of strike zone with the barrel above the hands.
  6. The bottom hand moves very little up the bat. The top hand moves up to the trademark.
  7. Elbows stay below bat at all times.
  8. Bunt top half of ball with the bottom half of the bat.

Batting Practice Hitter

  1. BP Hitter receives pitches from Coach at the mound
  2. He bunts the ball down the first base or third base line
  3. On each bunt, the baserunner tries to advance and the infielders play live off the bat
  4. Return ball to Coach at the mound and reset.

Fungo 1

  1. After each hit from the BP Hitter, Fungo 1 hits alternating ground balls to either SS or 1B
  2. Infielders make a play on the ball and throw to first.
  3. Pitcher covers first on grounder to 1B.
  4. Return ball to Fungo 1 and reset

Fungo 2

  1. After each hit from Fungo 1, Fungo 2 hits alternating ground balls to 3B and 2B
  2. Infielders make a play on the ball, throw to back to Fungo 2, then reset.