Learning to throw and catch are two of the most basic elements of [tag]baseball[/tag].   With this [tag]beginner baseball drill[/tag], you can do both, and help the arms of the children condition themselves to throw longer and shorter distances.   One of the frustrating parts of coaching young players is they don’t have a sense of throwing softly and throwing harder (for long distance).

What you need (set up) :   Balls, gloves and an even number of players.   You will set the kids up facing each other about one stride apart to begin.   Beginner Baseball Drills

How this drill works:   In order to help kids learn to throw and catch the ball, and that the amount of force they put behind the ball, they need to throw from different distances.   Further, it is good for kids to get used to the ball coming at them from differing distances, as well.

With the kids facing each other about 3’ apart, they should be instructed to place the ball in the other player opposite’s glove to start.   The catching player needs to use the “˜alligator arms’ approach to collecting the ball in their glove.   Once both players successfully execute this part, they take one giant step back from one another.  

Results:   Each time the players take a step back, they must learn to adjust their throwing and catching.