Special thanks to Jamie and Ricky for sending these [tag]baseball drills[/tag] in.   If you’re searching for [tag]beginner baseball practice drills[/tag], you should try these out!Beginner Baseball Practice Drills

From Jamie”¦
Here is a [tag]baseball drill[/tag] for younger players trying to learn the wrist flip.

1. Have a friend or parent hold a broom where the long part is horizontal and touching the arch in your back right where your wrist would hit on your release point.
2. If you take your arm behind you and slowly pitch, your wrist will hit the broom making your wrist flick the [tag]baseball[/tag].
3. Note, you don’t want to throw the ball hard, it should not go far and will go slow.

From Ricky”¦
T-Ball Swap
In order to catch ground balls with both hands, I use the “crocodile hands” phrase as a reminder to cover the ball with your free hand.
Of course, with tee-ballers, we also add in “make a noise when your crocodile eats the ball.”   It works great with 4-yr olds!