As a coach, you are always looking for ways to have the [tag]best little league baseball[/tag] team.   Strength and conditioning exercises for your [tag]baseball[/tag] players are essential.   Lower back exercises are great for your teams [tag]throwing[/tag] and [tag]hitting[/tag] ability.Best Little League Baseball

There are several lower back exercises that strengthen the back and help baseball and softball players in their throwing and hitting.   The lower back is important to exercise because it balances the core abdominal muscles, which often are stronger than the lower back muscles.   It is the coach’s responsibility to remind athletes of the importance of maintaining a balance between the back and the abdominals.   If there is a vast difference in strength, athletes can easily injure the lower back, because there is such an extreme difference between the two muscle groups.

The first lower back exercise is the Swim.   To do this exercise, athletes should lie on the ground on their stomachs, with their arms and legs outstretched.   Their heads should be straight or looking forward.   Athletes should move their legs and arms in opposition, so that when the left arm is up, the right leg is up.   This will help balance the athletes and make the exercise seem less awkward.   The point of this move is to tighten the muscles in the lower back when the leg and arm are raised, so remind athletes to contract those muscles during the moves.   Athletes can do 1 45 second set or 2 30 second sets with a short break in between.