I come from the old school of cheap.   Some of these [tag]cheap baseball training aids[/tag] have been replaced by more expenisive “tools.”   Not necessary and many [tag]baseball coach[/tag]es are feeling the need to do more for less.   Give these a try!Cheap Baseball Training Aids

1) Fielding- a garage sale table tennis set $1.   Four paddles are good for hands [tag]baseball drill[/tag] with tossed or hit ball indoors or outside.
2) Fielding- “hold the bill of hat in mouth [tag]baseball[/tag] drill”- helps fielders extend hands and see the baseball to glove
3) Catcher- Clock drill catcher stance- squat facing pitcher (pretend).   Coach calls out 3 (1B), 6 (backstop), 9 (3B), 12 (back to pitcher)-helps with footwork (2-5 minutes)
4) Hitting Drill- (thunderstick with broomstick-$3.00)- wiffle golfs balls-baseball coach tosses or two players take turns; watch for proper swing balance and stance-good for hand/eye coordination.