Mike came up with some great suggestions covering [tag]coach pitch baseball drills[/tag].   Keep “˜em coming!Coach Pitch Baseball Drills

From Mike”¦
I have two neat little [tag]baseball drills[/tag].

One is I cut out of plywood the best rendition of a glove. I staple a velcro strap to the back. At [tag]baseball practice[/tag] they strap on the wooden glove and I hit grounders to them. This develops SOFT hands, and to teach the kids to cradle and gently field the ball.

The other [tag]baseball[/tag] drill, the kids love. I line up a group of 3-4 players up on the third base line. I toss a tennis ball up in the air and they catch it bare handed. I do this 8-10 times to each player. Then I get a tennis racket and really pop them high in the air. Again they must catch it bare handed. After doing this a little bit, they get their gloves on. We repeat this another 8-10 times now catching it with their gloves. This teaches them how to read a fly ball get under it, follow the ball all the way into the glove.

For added fun, I ask them now to turn around. When I pop the tennis ball in the air I yell,”Call it”. They have to turn around, find it, call the other players off, get under it, and make the play.