I received these suggestions on [tag]coach pitch baseball practice[/tag] from Jerrod and from Andy.  Give them a try; they work well for all [tag]baseball[/tag] teams and all ages.Coach Pitch Baseball Practice

From Jerrod…
Bounce Drill

My players and I believe in this baseball [tag]drill[/tag].
We use dimpled machine balls because they are easy to bounce.
The purpose of this drill is to make sure the [tag]hitter[/tag] is balanced at the plate.  The bouncer is about 30 feet from the hitter behind an L-screen.  We attempt to bounce the ball towards the middle/away part of the plate.  The hitter is instructed to hit the ball middle/away.

Great drill for [tag]off-speed pitches[/tag].

From Andy…
Opposite field game

Divide your team into two equal teams.
Have one of the [tag]coaches[/tag] [tag]throw[/tag] from a short distance behind an L screen.  Tell the players they must try to hit opposite field.  Play a regular game with the [tag]fielders[/tag] in position.  The only catch is that balls that go to the left of second base are outs.

This is a great tool to practice your hit and run situations without actually telling the team what you are working on.  Plus they will love the competition.

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