If you’re [tag]coaching baseball[/tag] this season here is [tag]baseball drill[/tag] for you to try with your team. I like to do it as a mini tryout at the first of, and even throughout the season, and it is simply called [tag]fielding[/tag] training. It helps with cardio, fielding, and covering bases.

Start off with one player on first base and the rest of the players will line up on the grass behind 2nd base position. The 1st player in line comes forward to the 2nd base position.

I start this [tag]baseball[/tag] drill with 2 balls–my catcher has one and I have the other. The first baseball is hit to the player at 2nd base. He fields the ball and makes the play at 1st. As soon as the play is made, the player at 1st makes the throw home, then runs to the back of the line. The player at 2nd runs to cover 1st base while the next player in line moves forward to field the next ball being hit.

As soon as a ball is hit the catcher flips the other ball to me. This is a fast paced drill and cardio can be increased by moving to short stop position. The time span between balls being hit is about 5 seconds.