This is a [tag]baseball fielding drill[/tag] I have used in all my years [tag]coaching baseball[/tag].   It is great for judging fly balls, running and sliding techniques, and conditioning (without your players knowing it!).

Set-up four cones in a box about 20 yards long by 10 yards wide. The   players make a single file line between the first 2 cones facing the coach. The [tag]baseball coach[/tag] throws a ball over their heads and they need to turn their hips and run back to catch the ball (some over the shoulder, some set up behind the ball or some they just have to pick up the ball on a bounce).

The main idea on this one is getting back to a spot as quickly as possible.   Run with just the head turned back, arms pumping together as they run; do not put glove arm up too early since it just slows you down.

Once they all go run through this [tag]baseball drill[/tag] one direction, so they are all at the cones that are 20 yards away; they run in to catch balls in front of them. In this drill they learn how to come in hard on balls in front of them, and at times they will even need to slide into make the catch.   Important they learn how to dive or slide (like into a base) properly first in order not to hurt themselves.

They really enjoy this drill, you can see how many the group can catch in a row to make a game out of it.