Every once in awhile during the season I like to have a [tag]baseball practice[/tag] that gives the players a little break from the typical routine and competitive pressures.   If you’re [tag]coaching baseball[/tag], give this a try. You and your team will reap the benefits.

It is a [tag]baseball drill[/tag] that is effective for me and hopefully for you as well. I also believe that my 12-13 year old players should be having fun, and more importantly loving baseball; it is something they should possess.

One of the things that I like to do after we are done with stretching and a few warm-up drills I have the boys break up into groups of approximately 6-8.   They start out by doing some standard bunting pepper with a bat and [tag]baseball[/tag].   We work on form and technique as well as placement and focus.   We rotate so everyone has had a turn.

Then we start to ratchet up the fun by either changing out the bat for a broom stick, the ball for a whiffle golf ball, running or calisthenics for mistakes or (usually) a combination of any of those.

The boys really start to laugh and have fun with this all at the same time as improving their technique, being competitive without it being a pressure cooker and building team chemistry.   We go on to do 2 or 3 more of this type of baseball drill and end it with a low pressure bp/infield rotation.