Take a look at this submission from one of my subscribers.   This is a great [tag]coaching baseball[/tag] drill that can work with all age groups and it helps you to assess your players skills.Coaching Baseball

1.   Baseball player at first with a bucket

2.   Rest of [tag]baseball[/tag] team is single file at short.

3.   Coach with bucket of baseballs begins rolling grounders to players at short.

4.   Player fields ball, throws to first, then runs to first to replace player at first.

5.   Player at first puts ball in bucket and runs to get to back of line at short.

6.   Rotation continues, but move fielders over towards third and roll ball towards short so fielder has to move to his left.

7.   Same as 6 but fielders move towards third from short.

8.   Finally, [tag]baseball coach[/tag] rolls slow grounder to fielders at third and then fielder puts ball in coach’s bucket.

Nice warm up [tag]baseball drill[/tag] and it lets you know who can field, throw and catch all in one drill.