I’ve gotten a whole bunch of requests for new [tag]drill[/tag] suggestions for [tag]coaching baseball[/tag].   Here are two [tag]baseball[/tag] [tag]drills[/tag] that Lanny sent to me.   It’s always great to get some fresh [tag]indoor drills[/tag]!  Coaching Baseball

From Lanny”¦
Catchers drills:   On rainy days we use the gym.

Place a [tag]catcher[/tag] about 8-10 feet away from a wall.
The [tag]coach[/tag] or another player stands just behind the catcher, out of his vision.   With a bucket of balls you start [tag]throwing[/tag] them (underhand) one by one against the wall so that the bounce will come directly at the catcher at a reasonable speed.   It is real easy to move the throws around to simulate any type of location.

The catcher gets in his receiving position with the glove up.   When the coach starts to swing his arm backward, he says “ball”, simulating about the time that the pitchers stride foot would hit the ground.   The catcher then relaxes the mitt and reacts to the pitch working on receiving and framing.   You can use tennis balls with no glove, or baseballs with your mitt.

Similar drill, you stand about 10 feet in front of the catcher directly facing him.   You have a milk crate full of balls.   Using a backhand flip, you throw the balls at the catcher rapid fire moving the ball around to simulate all different locations.