I received these suggestions for [tag]coaching drills for youth baseball[/tag] from Carey and from Dave. Always great to add fun [tag]baseball[/tag] [tag]drills[/tag] to your practice.Coaching Drills for Youth Baseball

From Carey”¦
Use a large rubbermaid outdoor garbage can, tipped over at home plate facing center field.

Place the players in a line in center field, and have them [tag]throw[/tag] the ball home (one at a time) trying to throw the ball into the garbage can.

End the [tag]practice[/tag] with this [tag]drill[/tag], and have a reward (candy, soda, gum, etc) for the player (if any) that makes it in the garbage can.

You can decide how many times to go through the line.

From Dave”¦
Hey the best and really fun drill I have found is one that forces the kid’s to use both hands.

You put them in a half round between third around to first. Start out easy either [tag]throwing[/tag] or [tag]hitting[/tag] the ball lightly to each kid with out gloves.   They need to field the ball cleanly and throw home cleanly.   If they don’t, they sit in the grass. The last one standing gets to laugh at the others that have to run to the outfield fence and back.

They really focus so they don’t have to run.