Take a look at this submission from Christopher, one of my subscribers who is [tag]coaching high school baseball[/tag].   A great example of a [tag]baseball hitting drill[/tag] that can work with all age groups.   Check out the batting tip from Barry for your younger players.Coaching High School Baseball

From Christopher”¦
My idea is a slight wrinkle to the high/low soft toss [tag]baseball drill[/tag].   You still toss two balls to the batter but instead of telling them to hit either the high or low ball I have taken a black magic marker and colored half of one ball and now instead of saying high or low the choice is black or white.

The result is that instead of swinging high or low, the ball to be hit could be anywhere in the hitting zone and the batter has to find it and get the bat to it. (my team struggled at first but after a few tosses I saw immediate improvement. Makes for a quick confidence builder! I coach high school [tag]baseball[/tag] at the varsity level.

From Barry”¦
My batting tip:
To help a young hitter sharpen his or her focus on the “ball” while hitting, I have them hold batting practice with plastic golf balls (the foam ones are even better) and have them use wooden dowels as the bat. Basically that means they have to hit a miniature ball with a miniature bat. After they get used to that, they pick a regular size baseball bat and hit a regular size ball and it seems like hitting a beach ball.

This is very helpful for struggling hitters