Take a look at this submission from Steve.   A great example for [tag]coaching little league baseball[/tag] that can work with all age groups.Coaching Little League Baseball

I like to end all my [tag]baseball[/tag] practices with a game of guts.
Divide your team into 2 equal teams, line them up across from each other about 25-30 ft apart with pylons at the end of line.
The players throw the ball underhand on the ground to the other team if the ball is missed or booted behind the pylon that player sits out.
If they catch it before it hits the ground the throwing player is out. All throws should be below the waist.
Keep playing till one team is eliminated. We do move the pylons in as team are eliminated.
It works on quick reactions, lateral movement and keeping the glove down. I usually add laps around the diamond for the losers.
They love it and request the [tag]drill[/tag] every practice.