If you’re [tag]coaching T-ball[/tag], it is important to stress the fundamentals of the game and to involve ALL of your players and parents if possible.

Work with the kids in small groups of 2-3 so they keep interest, with each group working on a different skill. Use parents to help but make sure they understand the fundamentals of the [tag]baseball[/tag] drill they are working with the kids on.

I like to let the parents work with each group and I rotate from group to group to make sure they are training correctly. And then rotate each group into a different skill. This helps to keep their interest also.

There are some coaches that want to win T-ball games and place their best 3 kids at the pitcher, 1st base, and catching position so the team makes outs! These three kids do all the work for the entire game. The rest of the kids play in the dirt.

T-ball is about learning the fundamentals of the game. I rotate all kids thru every position in every game. This helps keep their interest up also, and it makes sure they do not play in the dirt quite as much.