If you’re [tag]coaching   t-ball[/tag], give this [tag]baseball drill[/tag] a try. It is something I do with my [tag]T-ball[/tag] team during batting practice – for those kids (5 and 6) who like to play in the dirt.

I place the kids in their field positions.   I or another [tag]baseball coach[/tag] throw to our batter to give them experience hitting the [tag]baseball[/tag] without the T.   This poses a challenge for the kids in the field because if the ball is not hit right away they become bored very quickly. So I, or another helper, will bat a ball to them as soon as the batter misses the ball so they have a ball in play.

This gives the fielders some experience every time the ball is tossed to the batter and the batter gets a chance to hit a ball from the pitcher.   We pitch about 10 pitches to each child then we have them run the base on the last hit.

Seems to keep their interest a bit longer but you know 5 and 6 year olds – hard to keep their interest!