Coming up with new ideas to hold the attention of your [tag]tee ball[/tag] players and to build their confidence can sometimes be a challenge when you are [tag]coaching tee ball[/tag].   Here are a couple of tips that my subscribers have sent to me.   Creative and effective!

Tee Ball Tip #1Coaching Tee Ball

I had a [tag]T-Ball coach[/tag] tell me just yesterday that he tells his parents and kids that during a practice if a kid is playing with sticks, bugs, grass, etc. or just goofing around that he will ask the kid to sit with their mom or dad for 4 minutes.   I tried this today at practice and had to sit down only one kid with his mom.   The rest of the kids saw this and decided they wanted nothing to do with sitting by mom during [tag]baseball practice[/tag] as that was too embarrassing.   Could not have asked for a more attentive group of 4,5,and 6 year old kids during practice.   I plan to use this attention technique at every practice.

Tee Ball Tip #2

As a coach for [tag]T-ball[/tag], I like to have the players use tennis balls instead of [tag]baseball[/tag]s when they first start throwing to each other to reduce the fear of being hit by the ball.