I’ve gotten a whole bunch of requests for [tag]baseball drills[/tag] for [tag]coaching youth baseball[/tag] recently. Here’s an idea that was sent in.   Try this out and you can add or modify as your team needs!Coaching Youth Baseball

From Dave”¦
This seems to work well with younger [tag]baseball[/tag] players (6-7 year olds).   It’s called “Coach Says” (just like “Simon Says”).   Players all line up along the baseline with plenty of room between each other.

The [tag]baseball coach[/tag] yells out different options…

1. “Hit the ball” – players need to get in a proper batting stance, facing the coach who is out in front of players, acting as the pitcher.

2. “Ready to field” – players get in a fielding stance, with legs slightly bent and glove and hand in front of them

3. “Field the ball” – players have to pretend to field a grounder using the alligator arms.

If a player doesn’t show the proper stance, OR if he does his motion without the coach saying “Coach says”, then he is out.

The first few times through though, no players are out. Instead, coaches move up and down the line instructing on proper stances and techniques. After a few “practice” rounds, players will start to be eliminated. Coaches should continue to instruct those who are eliminated until the last player is left standing.

Only takes a few minutes but provides a fun break to the [tag]baseball practice[/tag] routine.