Since I have been [tag]coaching youth baseball[/tag] for some time now I have a few tips that have served me well.   Here are some elements I use:

  • When talking with the kids I always get down on their physical level – always at least one knee. This way I am on their level. I am still their [tag]baseball[/tag] coach BUT I know how to better engage their interests (and not be so intimidating looking down).
  • SMILE – kids respond to it every time.
  • For batting I use two miniature cones to help the players know where to put their feet. When stepping up to the plate each foot must be as close as possible to the cone without touching it. This really helps to establish the “footing” element and allows more time to be spent with the rest of the batting instruction.

The kids I’m coaching when using these elements are three and four year olds–very limited attention span for sure.
I dedicate some time during practice to discuss “life lessons” (Respect, Fun, Stranger Danger, analogies of baseball to everyday life, etc.).