Here’s a baseball drill to use for [tag]coaching youth baseball[/tag].   It is a Game Scrimmage Drill that works great,   goes fast and the kids play the game!

Young kids 8-11.   Divide the players into three 4 man squads.
They rotate coming to bat, hitting to three outs, scoring runs.
When three outs, kids go to field, fielders shift, one group comes to bat.

Basically it is a three part inning [tag]baseball[/tag] game. They can be competitive, work on infield situations, get lots of batting and running practice.   I usually coach pitch but sprinkle in my pitchers for some work if I have the bodies.

You can also do two 6 man teams with no outfield.   Hit to OF is a double unless they are thrown out.

To me young kids need the infield and hitting work most, outfield third which I try to work into a different [tag]baseball drill[/tag].