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From Greg”¦
Here is my [tag]baseball drill[/tag] contribution:

One of the challenges that we find during [tag]baseball practice[/tag] is keeping the kids active and not bored, focusing on doing the things that translate to success during a game and having something competitive to strive for.   With 12 kids or less at any one practice, this can be a challenge.   Here is what we do:

–       We divide the teams into two fair teams of 6 or less players.
–       We put a competitive pitcher to what they will face in the games on the mound and back him with a first base, second, ss and third base man and a coach is the steady catcher.
–       They play 5 out innings and get a point for every ball that makes it into the outfield.   The batter stays on to run the bases and the boys have to go get the live ball and set up cutoffs to keep any balls in the outfield from becoming inside the park homers and of course work towards cutting them down to get their 5 outs. After 5 outs the other [tag]baseball[/tag] team gets a chance.

This puts each of the kids in a defensive position to stop balls from getting out of the outfield.   It puts pressure on the batter to get the ball out of the infield and it gives the [tag]baseball coaches[/tag] plenty of reps to work on batting stance, defensive skills, etc.   Each team figures out that they key to winning is just sitting on the pitch and driving it to the outfield.