When [tag]coaching youth baseball[/tag] (ages 8-11), we practice 3X a week before games start up for the season.   The last [tag]baseball practice[/tag] day of the week I have them scrimmage themselves.

I put my starters out, rotating the pitchers every inning.   It’s a great evaluation tool for me, especially weeks before games start so it tells volumes as to what needs to be worked on as a team and individually.

The players love it because it gives them a competitive edge, more so they can see how they stack up against other members of the team.   That point in itself has helped a few of my players as I’ve noticed more hustle on the field & more focus on their work ethic when doing miscellaneous [tag]baseball drills[/tag] throughout other practices.

We have also been working on quick feet with good throws:   2 lines, facing each other, throw a ground ball; other line charges, proper body position, quick change in feet and a good throw back to the other line.   After every touch of the ball, the player moves to the end of the other line.

This [tag]baseball drill[/tag] moves fast and can keep them focused on the [tag]baseball[/tag] (grounders) and also on quick feet with placement of the feet (left foot forward throw for right handers for example) and gets them throwing on the run.   This is not a new drill, but has worked wonders in our team.