I’ve gotten a whole bunch of requests for [tag]drills[/tag] to use [tag]coaching youth baseball[/tag]  over the past few days.   Here’s an idea that was sent to us from Jim.Coaching Youth Baseball

This is a fun [tag]baseball[/tag] exercise/contest that works on both accuracy and speed.

I line up three balls about 3′ apart at the pitchers mound, 2nd base position, shortstop position and along the 1st base line closer to the catcher.

The player starts at home plate, sprints to the pitchers mound to throw the three balls to first base, then goes to 2nd base throws to first, shortstop position throws to first and finally home to throw the last three balls to first.

This is a timed exercise.   When a ball is thrown inaccurately to 1st base the player gets a 2 second penalty for each badly thrown pass.

The fastest 3 times get rewarded along with the most improved time.