While coaching youth baseball this summer, I noticed the recreation teams weren’t gelling. This group of kids, most of which were on different teams during regular season, were all in it for themselves and were not considering their teammates at all.

One thing that drove me nuts was that they would throw the ball as hard if they were 3 feet from each other as they did when they were 20 feet away.   I would say, “throw like you would want to have it thrown to you”, but that didn’t work that well.

So I started having them bring their gloves and a baseball with them on their warm-up lap.   Instead of everyone running individually, they ran with their throwing partner side by side.   If they came back separated, they would have to run again.     But while they ran together, I had them toss the ball back and forth to their partner.   In addition to teaching them to think about their teammates, it also developed their skills with tossing the ball when on the run and sometimes off balance.

They obviously could not whip it at their partner while running.   They were more concerned with their partner catching the ball than how they threw it.

This may sound dumb, but it really did work well and served multiple purposes. This one did serve it’s purpose and I will keep it in my tool box.